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Nature’s Healing Powers – Herbal Remedy – Part I

December 11, 2012

the orange blossom tree

The Orange Blossom

The Orange blossom is the fragrant flower of the Citrus sinensis (orange tree). It is used in perfume making, has been written about as an aphrodisiac and is  is traditionally associated with good fortune and has been popular in bridal bouquets and head wreaths for weddings. Orange blossom essence is an important component in the making of perfume. The petals of orange blossom can also be made into a delicately citrus-scented version of rosewater; orange blossom water (aka orange flower water), a common part of both French cuisine and Middle Eastern cuisine (most often as an ingredient in desserts and baked goods). The orange blossom is beneficial for headaches, nausea, vomiting, vertigo, cancer pains, insomnia, cleansing the blood and smoothing the complexion. The medicinal part of the orange blossom are the flower parts. The flowers of both the bitter and the sweet varieties of orange have been used for centuries as a treatment for anxiety and insomnia, due to their mildly sedating effects on the nervous system. An infusion (tea) made from the flowers is also recommended for mild stomach upset and as an aid to digestion. 


pure orange oil

Symbolism and History of Oranges, Scientific Name Citrus Aurantium Dulcis

The word citrus means lemon in Greek while aurantium is the adjective of gold, golden, referring obviously to the color of orange fruit. Orange fruit is probably believed to be the legendary golden apple that Hercules had stolen from the Garden of the Hesperides. Oranges are native to India and China. Since the ancient times, oranges have been used in Chinese medicine to treat colds, coughs, and anorexia. Due to oranges being scarce and expensive until the late 17th century, they were only used for their medical properties in Europe and not for human consumption.

Orange Oil Benefits

Orange oil for skin: Orange oil restores dry skin. Adding a droplet of orange oil to the cream or carrier oil helps in treatment of acne.

  • Orange oil for termites: Orange oil works against termites but be sure to contact a qualified termite company offering traditional treatment of termites.
  • Orange oil for furniture: Orange oil is used in furniture cleaning due to its anti-grease properties and works better than lemon oil.
  • Orange oil for ants:  Pouring orange oil in ants’ mounds and holes around your home helps in getting rid of ants.
  • Orange oil for scabies: Orange oil contains d-limonene, which helps in killing scabies and works better than lemon juice or lemon oil. Orange oil is used as a home remedy for scabies.
  • Orange oil for cooking: Orange oil is utilized in many homes for cooking and baking providing orange essence.
  • Orange oil for nervous system: Orange oil is beneficial in treatment of depression, irritability, anxiety, sadness, and insomnia with the help of essential orange oil massage, application before bath, and stove aromatherapy.
  • Orange oil for circulatory system: Its helps in treatment of edema and cellulite with help of orange oil massage.
  • Orange oil for digestive system: Treats dyspepsia, indigestion, flatulence, and gastric spasm with the help of massage and warm compresses.
  • Orange oil for excretory system: Relieves constipation, treats diarrhea, and eliminates toxins with orange oil massage and compresses.

ImageYou might be surprised to learn that your morning orange juice is a product of China. That is, the orange did not occur naturally but is a cultivar of Chinese grapefruit and mandarin orange “invented” in China centuries ago. 

Orange flower water is calming when added to bath water. Because it contains only the are essence” of the essential oil, it is safe to use directly on the skin without further dilution. Elizabeth Anne Jones, author of “Awaken to Healing Fragrance: The Power of Essential Oil Therapy,” suggests spritzing orange flower water on your temples and on the back of your neck to cool off when the weather is hot or humid. She specifically recommends using orange flower water to ease headache or nervous tension.

C. J. Puotinen, author of “The Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care,” says that the topical application of orange flower water relieves anxiety and stress and speeds wound healing in pets. Because orange flower water contains hydrophilic properties, it acts as a natural surfactant and emulsifier to enhance the application of skin lotions and other cosmetics. The hydrosol is also valued for its light scent, which blends well with other botanical fragrances.

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