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Dr. Sandy Hill on detoxing babies!

October 29, 2012

mother’s milk is the ultimate in health care for babies

Detoxing Babies

Due to the toxicity of many mothers’ wombs, it’s safe for a small baby to detox with this formula. Children are the products of their mother’s body (womb) and what the mother eats herself and feeds to her family. A toxic woman undoubtedly has a toxic body and this toxic body serves as a vehicle for a developing baby. Many babies are born sick upon delivery today because of developing in a toxic body and womb. Babies consume second-hand everything the mother consumes while pregnant. Most women/mothers don’t know it but their doctor or OB/GYN-prescribed prenatal pills are harmful and poisonous pharmaceutical drugs that contain many horrendous ingredients such as bitumen (black substance used in the streets to take the place of asphalt), coal tar (a known cancer-causing agent), horse manure, and mineral oxides which the body cannot digest or absorb.

These toxins damage the mother’s liver and thus the baby’s liver. This is the reason why so many babies are born with hepatitis and jaundice. The baby is born with a damaged and polluted liver thanks to what mommy unwisely consumed in pregnancy thinking she was doing the right thing. It is a fact that every hospital-born baby is born drugged and physically taxed which is why many babies are born with their eyes closed and have dark circles around their eyes.

Now consider the first food or substance a newborn is given in the hospital after arrival; mother’s breast-milk? NOPE! The correct answer is: SUGAR the number one drug on the planet. Every hospital-born baby is a sugar junkie and addict. The water they give babies in the hospital is saturated with sucrose (white sugar).

Next, consider the fact that most babies in the U.S. are not breastfed, though breastfeeding is becoming the norm again as many women are becoming conscious in this regard and are breastfeeding their baby. Babies who don’t feed from the breasts are the prime candidates and consumers for the synthetic baby milk industry and their toxic and harmful synthetic milk formulas such as ProSoybee, Similac, and Enfamil that are laced and fortified with poisons and harmful ingredients such as lactose (dairy products), iron oxide (which interferes with brain development), mono di-glycerides (pork derivative, for those who eat vegan, Kosher, or Halal), zinc oxide, and a host of other ingredients no animal in the wild would dare consume.

30 week old eating solids

And then, baby begins to eat solid foods and what are they generally given? Answer: Processed commercial baby food that is nothing but denatured substances cut (saturated) with fifty-percent SUGAR! Nothing but denatured and pureed fruits and vegetables and meat that are wholly absent of necessary enzymes vital for digestion and peristalsis. This causes constipation and colic in innocent little babies.

Because this stuff mentioned above makes the baby sick, now the baby needs medicine that is nothing but pharmaceutical drugs. It is recommended you give your baby Children’s Tylenol, Children’s aspirin, Children’s Nyquil and other children versions of adult drugs that really begin to toxify and pollute the baby’s body which is already weak due to not having a fully developed immune system because it was not breastfeed and therefore did not receive mother’s colostrum, a pre-milk substance that serves as a liquid defense (“immune’) system and which helps to properly develop and strengthen the baby’s defense (“immune”) system.

I must also mention how energetically damaging it is for a newborn to be taken from its mother’s presence after delivery. This causes birth trauma that results in energy or subtle body toxicity. It is a known in the esoteric field that a baby shares its mother’s aura (biomagnetic sheath). Those births where the baby is physically detached or taken away from the mother immediately after birth are most disruptive because the baby is alone outside the aura of the mother and when removed more than 20 centimeters from the mother the baby is outside the protective umbrella of the mothers etheric aura. This is important because when a baby is within a mother’s etheric aura, there is an unconscious rhythmic flow of love and emotional energy from mother to baby; and if the baby is removed more than two and a half meters from the mother, the baby loses contact on the mental level as well because the baby is outside the mother’s mental aura or mental field. This is why I recommend giving gemstone elixirs to children while performing their detoxification regimen.

Moving on, lets now consider all those harmful baby hygiene products that includes soaps and shampoos laced with harmful “sodium laurel sulfate” (which causes eye problems) and “propylene glycol” (an industrial product used in making engine degreaser and car antifreeze solutions); baby oil made from “mineral oil” and/or “lanolin” (derived from sheep) which prevents soft baby skin from breathing and thus making the skin dry and rough; diapers and baby wipes (that are bleached with caustic chemicals that irritates baby’s soft backside), baby powders and talc that contain harmful aluminum.

We can’t forget about the propaganda-sponsored vaccination and immunization serums that we unwisely inoculate our innocent babies and children with; serums that are made with the most hellacious and horrendous substances such as mercury, thimerisol, sugar, chicken egg yolks, aborted baby fetal tissue, dog kidney, cow pus, monkey brain matter, formaldehyde (embalming fluid), propylene glycol, and fifty-plus more harmful ingredients that play a role in the development of autism, smiling disorders, depression, partial paralysis, mental retardation, childhood diseases (chicken pox, measles, pneumonia, influenza, hepatitis, pertussis, etc.), and slow speech..

And don’t we let our innocent children brush their teeth with commercial brand toothpastes? Of course we do and what is a major ingredient in this crap? FLUORIDE! Yes, a major rat poison ingredient is put in commercial brand toothpastes for purposes of allegedly fighting cavities (which are solely caused by consuming sugar). Some commercial brand toothpastes also contain engine degreaser (propylene glycol).

I could go on and on, yet, I think the picture has been painted as to why children should detox. Children’s bodies are just as toxic and polluted as adults bodies are.


The Children’s Full Body Cleanse (CFBC) is suited for infants, toddlers, and small children (up to the age of 12). Teens who may have difficulty swallowing capsules or with the number of required capsules pertaining to the Full Body Cleanse (FBC) may opt to do the CFBC.

Unlike with the FBC, children do not have to cleanse for twenty-one days. Five, seven, or ten days may suffice. Five days is sufficient for infants. Seven days is sufficient for toddlers. Ten days is sufficient for small children. Fourteen days is sufficient for preteens and teens.


Vibrancy, less or no mucus buildup, easy and clear breathing, more energy, improved skin condition, better bowel transit time, improved sleep, clear nasal passages, lessening or eradication of ear pain and problems, and dissipation of thick white film on the tongue denoting colon problem (usually blockage).


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